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The Berber Kingdom

Mauri Amizigh
Sovereign Authority

A Sovereign entity exists as Numidia. As established by its Declaration of Sovereignty.  Numi Kingdom of 202 BC was re-established as a Kingdom in 2010 CE. Being the highest level of authority regarding all entity matters, we are led by H.R.M. King: Muja 'Dib Jamel El ’Osiris-Sori-Oser مجديب جميل العسر  High King of African Diaspora. We have a petition to hold land without conflict with existing claims of statehood or rights to territorial land. Due to the verifiable historical documentation, we are a Non-State Sovereign Entity that has chosen Numi-Numidia as its base name and the King's royal word exists as association an model in principle, nature and substance.

Indigenous Aboriginal culture of Numidia gives the divine right of the King's royal word.
Mauri (Μαῦροι) by Strabo, who wrote in the early 1st century, as the native name, which was also adopted into Latin, while he cites the Greek name for the same people as Maurusii (Μαυρούσιοι). The name Mauri as a tribal confederation or generic ethnic designator thus seems to roughly correspond to the people known as Numidians in earlier ethnography; both terms presumably group early Berber-speaking populations (the earliest Libyco-Berber epigraph dates to about the third century BC).

 ، الذي كتب في أوائل القرن الأول ، كاسم أصلي ، والذي تم اعتماده أيضًا في اللاتينية ، بينما يستشهد بالاسم اليوناني لنفس الأشخاص مثل Maurusii (Μαυρούσιοι).  يبدو أن اسم موري باعتباره كونفدرالية قبلية أو محددًا عرقيًا عامًا يتوافق تقريبًا مع الأشخاص المعروفين بالنوميديين في الإثنوغرافيا السابقة ؛ يُفترض أن كلا المصطلحين يجمعان السكان الناطقين باللغة الأمازيغية المبكرة (يرجع تاريخ أقدم كتاب ليبيكو-بربر إلى القرن الثالث قبل الميلاد).

A vision from Numi-Numidia's Crown

Peacebuilding involves resolving injustice in a nonviolent manner and transforming the social and cultural conditions that lead to deadly or destructive conflict. Individual, political, and group ties are built across ethnicity, religion, class, nation, and race. In this process, there are four main stages: violence prevention, conflict management; conflict resolution; and post-conflict reconciliation.

Therefore, peacebuilding is a multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral method of creating and sustaining long-term relationships between people in society. Peacebuilding aims to establish and sustain long-term relationships between people in society through cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary techniques and methods. It depends on the situation and the individual involved in how peacebuilding methods are used.

To be successful, peacebuilding activities must create an environment conducive to self-sustaining, durable peace; reconcile opponents; prevent conflict from re-erupting; integrate civil society; ensure the rule of law, and address underlying structural and societal problems. Furthermore, researchers and practitioners are increasingly discovering peacebuilding is most effective when it relies on local conceptions of peace and conflict dynamics. 

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The King of Numi-Numidia exercises His sovereign authority by the provisions of the Constitution and legislation; he represents the Kingdom concerning foreign powers.

A total or partial review of the Constitution is subject to joint agreement by the King and the Royal Council, an assembly elected by Numidian citizens. Legislative power is shared between the Prime Minister, who initiates laws, and the Royal Council that passes them.

Executive power is under the supreme authority of the King, and the Kingdom is led by a Prime Minister who represents the King.  The Royal Council and Ministers assists.
They are responsible to the King for the administration of the Kingdom.

In law, judicial power is held by the King. The present Constitution states that He delegates the entire exercise of these powers to the courts and tribunals that dispense justice in His name.

The first ruler to use the title of (King of the Universe) was the Akkadian Sargon of Akkad (reigned c. 2334–2284 BC) as a descendant (as shown here). Therefore, the title of Muja'Dib is reflective and internal to the Republic of Numi.  

HRM King Muja'Dib Jamel El’Osiris, Sori, Oser
Royal House of El'Sori-Oser
مجديب جميل العسر

Prime Ruler of Numi-Numidia Kingdom 
الحاكم الرئيسي لمملكة نومي نوميديا

The Crown of Numi-Numidia

 Numi Kingdom is about saving our Planet

Our carbon footprint, will be our karma, if we don't learn how to recycle, to save our Planet. At Numi, we want to share this knowledge abroad and in our own communities. It is important to know that less is more.

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