The Kingdom of  Numi
Public Signatories
Declaration on Vaccines:

National and International Public Registry Signatories list:

1.  HRM King: Muj'Dib Jamel El'Osiris of  USA, Numi, Africa

2.  HRH Queen: Muj'Dib  Saidah El'Osiris of USA, Numi, Africa

3.  H.E.: Martin M. Banda Jr. of USA Texas, Numi

4.  H.E.: Greg Marshall of USA, Numi

5.   H.E.: Edward Theodore Riley Jr. of USA, Numi
6.  H.E.: Kenneth Simmons Jr. of USA, Pennsylvania, Numi  

7.  H.E.: Antwain Thomas of USA, Numi

8.  Martin Banda III of USA Texas, Numi
9. Mrs. Pamela Jean Simmons of USA, Pennsylvania, Numi

10. H.E. Sir. Augustus Baxter Jr. USA, Pennsylvania, Numi

List is sealed and decreed by his Royal Majesty of Numi Kingdom  (02 February,2022)

The Kingdom of Numi-Numidia
Timely Reminder
of the
Eternal, Creator of All, on Vaccines
02 February, 2022

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "Allah has not placed a cure for your diseases in things that He has forbidden for you.'' (Baihaqi, Bukhari) And Allah has forbidden constituents that are inextricably harmful as the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) also said: "There (must be) no harm and no harming.” (Ibn Majah) And hence 'vaccinations' as we know them (including the current globally propagated COVID-19 vaccines) are not permissible by the Creator as vaccines contain proven harmful components such as: Bacteria, aborted fetal tissue, cells and blood from animals, harmful chemicals and neurotoxins such as formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, mercury, aluminum and others. Vaccines can cause serious health problems, including permanent injuries and death.

“Do not kill yourselves, indeed Allah is the Most Merciful upon you.” (Qur’an: 4:29)

“Do not throw yourselves into destruction with your own hands.” (Qur’an: 2:195)

Do good, for Allah certainly loves those who do good.” (Qur’an: 2:195)

Rather than being a treatment for the sick human body, vaccination introduces, in most cases, cancerous and neurotoxic substances. In other words, clearly harmful after acquainting oneself with the overwhelmingevidence of the clear harm and thus haraam of “vaccines” of the current criminal capitalistic drug manufacturing establishments a true Moslim /Muslim will never believe that Shifa (healing) is contained in this concoction of neurotoxins and poisons, and, would never forget the irrefutable fact that Allah has not ordained the Shifa of His Ummah in the defiled – in najaasat – and substances which He has made harmful.