TBLD Development Corporation: is a medical business development company, partnered with Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals, where we hold worldwide patents to the blockchain extraction process of all botanicals, more specifically Cannabinoidiol (CBD). Our patent includes integrated systems and methods of evaluating cannabis and cannabinoid products for public safety, quality control and quality assurance, research and public use. Unlike existing extraction processes, our process, in finite detail, evaluates the integrity of CBD oil from seed to human consumption and beyond.

All key farmer/growers worldwide will be required to have a license for extraction. We hold technology, position and full proprietary access to farmers/growers with requirements to monitor the growing process in detail. We determine the designated strain the specified grower.

The blockchain extraction process precedes our proprietary nanotechnology delivery system utilized in conjunction with all existing medical imaging platforms, i.e. PET/CT, SPECT, and MRI. Our imaging process allows us to view (in real-time) the affected area of the body while simultaneously delivering the CBD oil to the targeted area where we evaluate the strand/strain efficacy and potency. Lastly, we formulate and personalized, precision-based treatment regimens for ongoing maintenance, preventive care, and nutraceuticals (for ALL ailments) that encompasses DNA matching in human and animal subjects.

Lastly, we formulate personalized, precision-based treatment regimens, at the cellular level, for ongoing maintenance, preventive care, and nutraceuticals (for ALL ailments) that encompass DNA matching in human and animal subjects. All other CBD based products in the world have no public safety evaluation methods, nor personalized, precision-based treatment standards in place. The current extraction methods are at risk for chemical and toxic contamination, furthermore, will have inevitable, negative short- and long-term effects on human and animal subjects.


 Retail and medically based CBD products have entered the market with no botanical extraction evaluation, quality control and assurance methods in place, rendering the public at risk with no accountability measures. Issues currently at hand,

• Public & Medical CBD products contain chemicals and toxins

• Product consistency • Integrity of Potency

• Short- and Long-Term effects of toxicity at a cellular level

• Lack of knowledge of what and how to treat Our patented extraction process
evaluates the integrity of all CBD oil and determines the specific strain and strand at output, thus creating a worldwide standard for personalized, precision-based treatment and nutraceutical supplements, etc.


We provide an accountability system, through our patented technology that evaluates the extraction of all CBD oil worldwide. This ensures that customers in the medical and retail space receive guaranteed, certified pure and the most optimal CBD oil and products available.

Medical patients and retail customers can now rest assured the have a chemical & toxin free CBD product that is optimal for their own personal treatment regimen for epilepsy, cancer, CTE, PTSD, etc. OPPORTUNITY Cannabis (CBD Oil) industry sales have reached $10.8 Billion dollars, a growth of 30% over the previous year and a 400% over the last 4 years. By 2023, the market has estimated that Cannabis (CBD Oil) will comprise $50 Billion dollars annually. This is prior to full legalization of cannabis nationwide. Once full legalization has been established the market is slated to spike to 200% from its current state overnight.

The current overall cannabis market is flooded with interest in multifaceted uses.
• 80% of the cannabis market is geared towards medical usage.

• 23,000+ scientific papers released on medical cannabis and its application

• Chronic Pain ($77 Billion Market), medical cannabis positioned to replace existing therapy

• Pharmaceutical Sleep Drugs topping $102 Billion, presents yet another opportunity

• Crohn’s Disease ($7.6 Billion Market) 90% improvements with CBD in Israel

• FDA Approved epilepsy drug (Epidiolex) already moved to Schedule 5, down from
Schedule 1 Our patented process is positioned to capture ALL existing extraction business to ensure quality control and assurance measures are in place for use in the medical and recreational space.

Furthermore, the components in place through our patent (proprietary imaging technology) provides precision-based usage in the overall medical space for treatment at the cellular level. This is similar to stem cell, yet at a much more affordable price point for the public. The public has already shown an inevitable desire for CBD, we now personalize it to their need and ongoing maintenance requirements. In summary, ALL farmer/growers who wish to provide CBD to the medical space or who care to produce optimal botanical (CBD) oils to the world will have to licensed do so. Also, all precision-based, personalized treatment regimens will require our proprietary imaging kit (which includes our nanotechnology) and CBD provided from our licensed providers.

TBLD Development Corporation
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