The Office of the Numi Kingdom Foreign Relations

The Ministry of Diplomatic Relations has four main foreign policy goals: Protect the Numi Kingdom and Numidian; Advance Theocracy government by divine guidance, human rights, and other global interests; Promote international understanding of Numidian values and policies; and. secure world. The Ministry of Diplomatic Relations is a vital part of the The Ministry of Diplomatic relations because it:

Negotiates and concludes agreements and treaties on issues ranging from trade to environmental problems, human rights violations.

Coordinates and supports international activities of other N.K. agencies, hosts official visits, and performs other diplomatic missions; Leads interagency coordination and manages the allocation of resources for foreign relations; and Promotes mutual understanding between the people of the United Moorish States and the people of other countries around the world.

 The United Moorish Kingdom States Flag

International Relationships and Affairs:
Verde, Côte D'Ivoire, The Gambia
Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia
Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone
India, South America (Brazil)

                                         The flag of Numi Kingdom 

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy Relations 

• Management of Numi Kingdom Foreign Policy.
• Coordinates Regional Peace Initiatives.
• Ratification/Accession to Depository and Custodian of all International Treaties, Agreements and Conventions where Numi Kingdom is a party.
• Promotion of Nairobi as a Hub for Multilateral Diplomacy.
• Lobbying for Numi Kingdom Candidature in International Governance System. etc

His Excellency: Dr. Kidane Leghesse

  Numi Kingdom Foreign Relations

The Gambia

Republic of Liberia


Lower Niumi

Sierra Leone

Republic of Ghana

Republic of Nigeria

Republic of India

Correspondence letter to the Kingdom of Numi


Date 08/16/2021

Hon. Amb. Moses S. Mooney
Chief of Protocol
Office of the Vice President
Republic of Liberia

Civicus Basi-Giah
Senior Executive Business Consultant
To: H.E President Weah 
Director of the National Port Authority- NPA, R.L


Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy Relations 
To:  His Excellency: Martin Munoz Banda Jr.
To: His Majesty King Muj’Dib Jamel El’Ose TRM
To: Madame Prime Minister Lady: Janelle E. Thomas  

On behalf of the Royal Council of the Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom, I bring you all warm greetings and compliments to the highest esteem.

First of all, let me start by saying thank you all for your support towards a formidable diplomatic relations between the Republic of Liberia and the Numi Kingdom I want you all to know that His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is passionate and keen on establishing a cordial bilateral strategic diplomatic relationship with the Government as well as the peace loving people of the Republic of Liberia through which other supports and direct investment opportunities essential for not just the economic growth of our nation Liberia but also geared towards improving the economic and social standards of our people.

Since the inception of this diplomatic process, we've been working hard to ensure this mission is achieved in the interest of both nations and citizens.

In this regard, we're gradually approaching the verge of this Win-Win establishment for which I've been mandated by Royal Decree to kindly request the professional Photos of these Elite personalities herein mentioned along with a brief summary of their roles in government to have them published on the official Royal Website of the Numi Kingdom.

Amb. Mooney and Civicus Sir

His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is happy to have you and he's highly looking forward to that opportunity to finally meet with you all soon.
Looking forward to your feedback in this manner Warmest Regards

Royal Amb. Abdul C Bangura Diplomatic Consultant for Numi Kingdom
Ambassador Liberia, West Africa

"I am Moses S Mooney,

Chief of Protocol Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

I am fully responsible for all appointments in the office of the Vice President, meetings, travel arrangements and the day to day activities of Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor.

I am overwhelmed that you have expressed interest in our country for which I am more than ready to help in whatever capacity I can to bring some form of relief to my peace loving people.

Welcome to our Diplomatic Mission

Numi Kingdom, Diplomatic mission consulate headed by an Crown's Honorary Consul is a diplomatic mission headed by an Crown's  Honorary Consul which provides a large range of services. 

A diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment

The Numi Kingdom Diplomats and Royal Ambassador Secretary

He's the Brazil. Royal ambassador to Numi Kingdom. Ambassador Secretary of infrastructure . Territory South America State of Bahia, United States of Brazil.

His Honorable: Sir. Ahmad Amar Mansoor Ali El-Bey