The Ministry of Information and Technology

Policies and Regulations:

The Numi Smart Kingdom project should get its legitimacy from the constitution of the kingdom, holding the Prime Minister responsible to take charge of the subject ‘Numi Smart Kingdom’ blueprint under the Statutory body of ‘Numi Smart Kingdom’ Project Office – under the Ministry of Information and Technology. Numi should have a comprehensive data protection law – the Personal Data Protection Act, rules governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data.

The Personal Data Protection Commission of Numi has to commit to work closely with the private sector, and also to support the Smart Kingdom vision on data privacy and cyber security ecosystem. Towards achieving the Smart Kingdom vision the government has to also promote the use of open data. For example, the Department of Statistics has to make a vast amount of data available (across multiple themes about population, infocomm etc.) for free to the public in order to encourage innovation and facilitate the Smart Kingdom.

The government should adopt the Open Data Policy, which should enable public data for analysis, research and application development. The concept of Virtual Numi Kingdom, which is a part of the Smart Kingdom Initiative, needs to be developed to adopt and simulate solutions on a virtual platform using big data analytics.

Executive Summary:

The ‘NUMI Kingdom Digital Renaissance’ otherwise known as the Numi Smart Kingdom project is a comprehensive plan for a sustainable and resilient kingdom.

The most salient part is the adoption of digital technology and the consideration for the importance of the role of data in transforming every aspect of the economy, the ministries, various agencies, communications, politics, and individual and family life.

Accordingly, the plan is to formulate better digital lives through established principles, strategic frameworks and guidelines on building a Smart + Equitable Kingdom that would be a cynosure of all eyes.

To achieve this, we must collaborate with the academia and the private sector on innovative pilot projects, and partnering with various offices and ministries within and outside the kingdom to share best practices and leverage the impact of technological advancements.

Leonard Oshiyemi
Minister of Information and Technology