The Office of His Majesty
Privy Council

Royal Protocol

The Kingdom Royal Protocol is a set of rules and customs that govern the behavior of royalty and their representatives in formal situations. The guideline booklet outlines the expectations for administrative, structure, titles, Positions, behavior, and etiquette in various settings and provides guidance on how to handle different situations. The purpose of the protocol is to ensure that members of the royal chair, staff, royal court, cabinet members and royalty and their representatives maintain a certain level of dignity and decorum in public, and to promote the respect and prestige of the monarchy.

Numi-Numidoria Kingdom of the African Diaspora refers to a cultural and political monarchy that seeks to unite people of African descent, who are dispersed throughout the world, as a cultural and political entity. The movement draws inspiration from the pre-colonial kingdoms of Africa and seeks to reclaim and celebrate the cultural heritage and political power of the African diaspora. The African diaspora refers to the dispersal of people of African descent throughout the world, particularly through the Atlantic slave trade. Today, people of African descent can be found in many countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Kingdom of the African Diaspora seeks to promote unity and political empowerment among people of African descent, and to celebrate and reclaim the cultural heritage of the African diaspora. 

Office of the Privy Council
Under the Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word, the Royal Privy Council 

The Royal Prerogative is a body of customary authority, privilege, and immunity attached to the Numi monarch (or "sovereign"), recognized in the United African diaspora and in the new territories in East Africa. The monarch is regarded internally as the absolute authority, or "sole prerogative", and the source of many of the executive powers of the Royal Privy Council of (The Royal Court) Monarchy Government. The Grand Chancellor a senior governmental post under an emperor, monarch or president. 

Under the Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word, the Royal Privy Council of Monarchy Government have been given the eminent mission of running the Kingdom. In this regard, the Royal Privy Council of Monarchy Government and the Royal Court is under Monarchy Government institutions under His/ Her Royal Majesty’s. The King is the commander of the Royal Military intelligence (RMI) and The Crown force under direct orders from the King. The Royal Privy Council is responsible for general of public order and formally advises the sovereign on the exercise of the Royal Prerogative, and as a body politics (as King-in-Council) it issues executive instruments known as Orders in Council which, among other powers, enact Acts of Royal Court’s. The King oversees the scrupulous implementation of Ordinances.

The Office of the Privy Council has the following responsibilities:
1. Carry out the role of Secretariat to the Privy Council as an advisor to the Crown in both national and private matters.
2. Conduct matters relating to foundations and funds the Crown assigns to the Privy Council.
3. Conduct international affairs matters, receptions, and diplomatic ceremonies of the Privy Council and the Office of the Privy Council.
4. Facilitate the Privy Council and the Office of the Privy Council meetings.
5. Conduct secretarial matters of the Privy Council, liaise, and prepare the work plan of the Privy Council.
6. Execute matters following the strategy of the Privy Council that lead to implementation by relevant agencies.
7. Manage documentation, finances, accounting, budgets, purchasing, properties, and transport for the Office of the Privy Council.
8. Manage administrative work and human resources, and conduct public relations exercises to promote the work of the Privy Council.

His Majesty Privy Council

Her Majesty the Queen of Numi Kingdom
HRM Queen Muja'Dib Saidah El' Sori-Oser

The Queen advises the King and the council about Gender-based violence and violence against children by working to change Family Welfare and is responsible for aspects relating to family welfare, especially in reproductive health, mental health, maternal health, pediatrics, information, education, and communications, cooperation with NGO’s and international aid groups, and rural health services.

His Majesty Privy Council Member

Foreign Advisor to the Crown of Numi
His Excellency: Mr. Martin Banda Jr
Royal House of Banda