The Office of the Grand Chancellor

East Africa and African diaspora Kingdom Numi

(Princess) Neh'nia Joi Humphrey El, Grand Chancellor

 As the Senior Strategist and appointed Princess of the Kingdom, she brings a wealth of expertise and a regal presence to her role. Renowned for her distinguished background spanning multiple domains, each adorned with exceptional achievements, she stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance. With a distinguished career as a healthcare systems engineer, entrepreneur, realtor, and a nurturing mother to three accomplished adults, her multifaceted expertise is unparalleled. Recently honored with a prestigious Presidential Award by none other than President Joe Biden himself, her influence extends far beyond national borders. Coupled with her unwavering support for the kingdom of Numi and her deep-rooted loyalty, as evidenced by her active involvement in community-based advocacy, she is known for and is an invaluable asset to the Royal Family and esteemed leaders worldwide. Additionally, during her tenure, she has facilitated the signing of three international bilateral agreements by HRM King Muja Dib Jamel Osiris El, further solidifying diplomatic ties and fostering international cooperation. She stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance on the global stage, recognized for her invaluable contributions and steadfast dedication to the advancement of Numidoria Kingdom.

A Grand Chancellor is senior governmental post under an emperor, monarch or president; Grand chancellor is a high-ranking official who holds a key role in overseeing administrative and legal affairs within a government or organization. As such, the specific duties and responsibilities of a Grand Chancellor can vary depending on the particular organization or government they serve. In general, however, a Grand Chancellor is responsible for ensuring that the administrative and legal functions of the organization or government operate smoothly and efficiently.

They may be responsible for managing budgets, overseeing staff, advising on legal matters, and implementing policies and procedures that help to promote organizational or governmental objectives. Overall, the Grand Chancellor is a key figure who helps to ensure that an organization or government is able to function effectively and achieve its goals.