Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

The Kingdom of Numi-Numidia

The Ministry will be composed of two departments:

Department of Health and Family Welfare and Department of Health Research.

Department of Health The Department of Health deals with health care, including awareness campaigns, immunization campaigns, preventative medicine and public health.

Department of Family Welfare The Department of Family Welfare is responsible for aspects relating to family welfare, especially in reproductive health, mental health, maternal health, pediatrics, information, education, and communications, cooperation with NGO’s and international aid groups, and rural health services.

Minister of Health Responsibilities

A Health Minister may: 

*Gather health information to share with the congregation and community

*Coordinate volunteers

*Build care teams

*Act as a health advocate and referral agent

*Coordinate programs on health issues

*Promote collaboration within the congregation to build a culture of wholeness

*Attend orientation and required Network meetings Comply with own professional standards, if this applies Give an average of 8 or more hours monthly to build the program Document with web-based tool and report activities to measure outcomes

*Encourage healthy policy change in your congregation

Her Excellency: Professor Mrs. Keda Green