Ministry of Women and Children Affairs

Aims to prevent gender-based violence and violence against children by working to change the harmful norms that perpetuate these practices. We are establishing best practices for engaging men in the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, and we have contributed to formative research, program development, and campaigns that promote nonviolent attitudes and behaviors related to gender.

The Advancement and Protection of Women, Girls and Children
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Numi Kingdom

Numi Kingdom webinar Summit  

 Views of  The Queen of Numi Kingdom
Her Royal Majesty Muja'Dib Saidah El'Ose

Overall rights of women and children, empowerment and overall development is a key milestone in the implementation of Numi programs for incriminating. In light of the election manifesto of Women and Children Affairs Ministry has taken various measures to alleviate women's poverty.

Empower women, stop violence against women, trafficking of women, the protection of women in the workplace and women in the mainstream of socio-economic activity to ensure the full and equal participation of women in the overall socio-economic development with the main goal is to ensure.

Women to increase efficiency by providing comprehensive training, employment, labor market participation confirmation, through small and medium entrepreneurs to patronize the extensive activities being conducted to ensure the economic empowerment.