Declaration of Sovereignty of Numi-Numidoria

Declaration of Sovereignty 

In my capacity as an aboriginal, an indigenous man and as a King I bear witness to this Sovereignty.

Throughout history, the impetus to control a free, fostering redistribution and consumption that takes from all, for the benefit of a few. At this moment, in this newly formed nation, we seek to be the exemplar for a new form of science-based Kingdom that does not subjugates.  A kingdom is driven by charity, not consumption. 

Through the charity of the world community and the disciples of modern science, we will construct the most fertile, ecologically sensitive Kingdom on Earth. In the spirit of peace and progress, with the in accordance with Rights for Indigenous People

A Sovereign entity exists as Numidia. As established by its Declaration of Sovereignty. Numi Kingdom of 202 BC was re-established as a Kingdom in 2010 CE. Being the highest level of authority regarding all entity matters, we are led by H.R.M. King: Muja 'Dib Jamel El'Oser مجديب جميل العسر High King of African Diaspora. We have a petition to hold land without conflict with existing claims of statehood or rights to territorial land. Due to the verifiable historical documentation, we are a Sovereign Entity that has chosen Numi-Numidoria as its base name and the King's royal word exists as association an model in principle, nature and substance.

Numi-Nmidia is Bir Tawil (Egyptian Arabic: بير طويل, romanized: Bīr Ṭawīl, lit. 'tall water well', [biːɾ tˤɑˈwiːl]) is a 2,060 km2 (795.4 sq mi) area of land along the border between Egypt and Sudan that is the Kingdom of Numid

I, HRM King Muja'Dib Jamel El'Oser lay claim as Sovereign Monarch for the Kingdom of Numi

The Kingdom of Numi "The Vision"

The territory is within other nations' boundaries, it is located in the territories between North Sudan and Egypt any Exclusive Economic Zone. Therefore, we beg the United Nations for their support and protection, while we are in the crucial development and construction phase of our Sovereign Kingdom, which is to begin in 2023. We have studied the Convention of Montevideo, the Convention of the Law of the Sea, the United Nations Charter, the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the Agenda 2030, all of which are in keeping with the Philosophy and Constitution of The Kingdom of Numi.