The Court of Justice


The Court of Justice is one of the largest Ministries in Numi, with its headquarters situated in the Kingdom of Numi-Numidia. It has over 10 administrative as well as service-oriented offices spread throughout the country, offering access to justice in all geographic areas of the Kingdom.

The Court of Justice strives to ensure that The Berber Kingdom of Numi-Numidia has an accessible, fair, and effective system of justice that reflects the values of the Kingdom of Numidia, through the development and management of policies and programs aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) principles and practices.

The Court of Justice provides support with effective and responsible legal advice and services that consider SDG principles, where appropriate, and also represents the Crown in civil litigation and before administrative tribunals, drafts legislation, and responds to the legal needs of all the departments and agencies. The Ministry of Justice has the mandate to support the dual roles of the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of the Kingdom of Numi-Numidia.


1. Developing and establishing a fair, relevant and accessible justice system that reflects values of the Kingdom of Numidia.
2. Provide support and high-quality legal services to it's members.
3. The Ministry of Justice is committed to delivering high quality legal advisory, litigation, and legislative and regulatory drafting services as demonstrated by timeliness, responsiveness and usefulness in accordance with established standards. 
4. The Ministry of Justice strives to advance the rule of law internationally by actively promoting adherence to the global rules-based system and helping to build effective governance and stability in our region.
5. The Ministry of Justice is a major department, at the heart of the justice system. We work to protect and advance the principles of justice. Our vision is to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society. 


1. The Ministry acts as a provider of a range of legal advisory, litigation and legislative services to departments and agencies.
2. The Ministry endeavor's for the delivery of programs aimed at the day-to-day Administration of Justice. 
3. To develop a policy department with broad responsibilities for overseeing all matters relating to the administration of justice that fall within the Kingdom’s domain—in this capacity, it helps to ensure a fair, relevant and accessible justice system for all Numidians.
4. To deliver programs and policies to maintain and improve the law and justice framework of the Kingdom of Numidia, and to facilitate jobs growth through policies that promote fair, productive, flexible and safe workplaces.
5. Everyone – including citizens is bound by and entitled to the benefit of policies.  The Ministry strives to prepare the policies that are clear, predictable and accessible.
6. The Ministry strives to ensures that any dispute settlement is fair and efficient where parties cannot resolve themselves.


1. Drafting laws and accompanying private legislation.
2.Prepare draft bills for the King’s signature.
3. Providing legal counselling to its Ministries. Enforcing Criminal Law through the General Prosecution system. Representing the State before judicial and quasi-judicial entities.
4. Review, offer advice and opinions on legal matters. Follow up and investigate ongoing petitions or persons in order to provide opinions on related matters, or as assigned. 
5. Manage appointments and discharges of civil servants, as well as royal audiences and oath-taking ceremonies upon taking office.
6. Manage petitions to request royal pardon. Manage requests for royal approval to assume Numidia nationality.
7. Manage petitions to request justice from the Crown. Manage requests for royal assistance. Manage legal matters, contracts, and legal processes relating to the work of the Office of the Privy Council, or as assigned.
8. Executing laws that the Minister of Justice is responsible for their execution, including the provision of legal services and regulation of various legal and professional areas.
9. Regulating and licensing of professions in various legal and professional areas, including advocates, solicitors, advisors, attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers, real estate assessors, private investigators, security services, notaries, patent examiners and Numi pleaders.   

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Correspondence letter to the Kingdom of Numi


Date 08/16/2021

Hon. Amb. Moses S. Mooney
Chief of Protocol
Office of the Vice President
Republic of Liberia

Civicus Basi-Giah
Senior Executive Business Consultant
To: H.E President Weah 
Director of the National Port Authority- NPA, R.L


Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy Relations 
To:  His Excellency: Martin Munoz Banda Jr.
To: His Majesty King Muj’Dib Jamel El’Ose TRM
To: Madame Prime Minister Lady: Janelle E. Thomas  

On behalf of the Royal Council of the Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom, I bring you all warm greetings and compliments to the highest esteem.

First of all, let me start by saying thank you all for your support towards a formidable diplomatic relations between the Republic of Liberia and the Numi Kingdom I want you all to know that His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is passionate and keen on establishing a cordial bilateral strategic diplomatic relationship with the Government as well as the peace loving people of the Republic of Liberia through which other supports and direct investment opportunities essential for not just the economic growth of our nation Liberia but also geared towards improving the economic and social standards of our people.

Since the inception of this diplomatic process, we've been working hard to ensure this mission is achieved in the interest of both nations and citizens.

In this regard, we're gradually approaching the verge of this Win-Win establishment for which I've been mandated by Royal Decree to kindly request the professional Photos of these Elite personalities herein mentioned along with a brief summary of their roles in government to have them published on the official Royal Website of the Numi Kingdom.

Amb. Mooney and Civicus Sir

His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is happy to have you and he's highly looking forward to that opportunity to finally meet with you all soon.
Looking forward to your feedback in this manner Warmest Regards

Royal Amb. Abdul C Bangura Diplomatic Consultant for Numi Kingdom
Ambassador Liberia, West Africa

"I am Moses S Mooney,

Chief of Protocol Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

I am fully responsible for all appointments in the office of the Vice President, meetings, travel arrangements and the day to day activities of Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor.

I am overwhelmed that you have expressed interest in our country for which I am more than ready to help in whatever capacity I can to bring some form of relief to my peace loving people."